The individual steps might differ slightly for different versions of e-Diagtools. Removing the Display Assembly Figure Disconnect the cable from the motherboard. Turns the notebook on and off. Discussion Boards Open Menu. This error occurs when trying to play DVD intended for different region. Caution Handle the connector ends of the antennas carefully.

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Compaq Presario Windows 7 Driver | software advice

On the bottom of the notebook, loosen the compaq presario 2500 ethernet screws holding the SDRAM door, and then remove the door. Press F2 to run the selected tests and add the results to the Support Ticket. The password can have no compaq presario 2500 ethernet than 8 charactersA-Zand cannot include special or accented characters.

Verify the repair by testing the functionality of the complete unit. Do not use touch pad presarii booting or resuming. Parity is a method for checking errors etherner binary data. Check disk for proper insertion, dirt, or damage.

If notebook boots from floppy drive, check for corrupt files on hard drive, use Recovery CDs to reinstall factory software compaq presario 2500 ethernet hard drive, replace hard drive. Public Lab Books to Borrow. Kensington lock slot security connector. DVD may be double-sided. Thank you again for your help. The HP-responsible person working with the customer should etherney work-arounds that are reasonable and appropriate for the individual customer.

Enter Password Required to Boot Sets whether a user password is required when the computer boots. May require replacing the motherboard. Fully tighten the screws in the order marked on the heatsink. Download and install only what you need. compaq presario 2500 ethernet

Removing the Hard Disk Drive Tray Recovering the Factory Software The following procedure describes how to recover the notebook’s original software and operating system. Press the power button to start the notebook.

Compaq Presario 2500 Drivers For Windows XP

Using a flashlight, look for Try card in another computer. Keyboard Status Lights Table Removing the Floppy Drive Caution Do compaq presario 2500 ethernet excessively bend or fold the floppy drive cable. If external monitor displays no image, replace motherboard. The bottom of the label goes toward the front of the case.

Compaq presario ethernet controller driver ***FOUND**** | NotebookReview

Removing the Heatsink with Fan Removal and Replacement Service Manual Caution Do not spin cpmpaq fan blades with your finger, or you could damage the fan’s bearings. See below for instructions for all three methods. Compaq presario 2500 ethernet mousepad and ethernet not working on compaq presario Okay that’s one of the issues, Etuernet installed the huge26 kernel and everything seemed fine, right until I rebooted and and started fluxbox, while everything seemed to work, the mouse didn’t.

Module, CPU page Disconnect the 4-wire cable from the switchboard PCA. Make sure the drive is defined with the proper diskette type in BIOS Setup and that the drive ethernst connected compaq presario 2500 ethernet.

Remove the screws from the left and right antenna PCAs. These requests might require a court order prior to our participation.

Speaker assembly page Removing Components Table Does not affect password, date, or time changes. As for your ethernet, please post results of Code:.