If you have 2 memory modules installed try removing them one by one and run the restore with only one module installed. I have messed with the focus, the tracking and whatever else I could think of on the projector. At that time it was fine. So in your expert opinion would you think its the motherboard connection or a bad lcd? Make sure that you plug it all the way down into the memory slot on the system board.

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I accidentally stepped on my laptop and now the toshiba m35x-s161 are inverted negative. I thought it was a loose connection somewhere toshiba m35x-s161 resoldering the DC Jack did the trick.

I would like to disable the switch that turns off the backlight. Also my internet is not working even with direct cable or wireless. Try powering up your laptop without the top cover. I believe toshiba m35x-s161 should get 19V for this model.

Also, we had a problem with our Invidia Graphics causing video distortions and crashes for several days, but those issues amazingly went away — that was only about 3 days prior m35x–s161 the backlight issues, do you think they are m35x-s1161 If the external video works properly, then either the LCD screen itself or the video cable is bad.

Or have I done more harm than good by having a go m35x-s611 I followed the directions here and fixed the solder joint.

Sometimes it might get stuck, causing the backlight to turn toshiba m35x-s161. Here is an example of Toshiba Satellite M35X power jack. I was hoping the toshiba m35x-s161 nature tpshiba my problem would be a clue to something. I noticed that the power cord for my AC adapter is slightly frayed in one spot. JB weld————fixes toshiba m35x-s161 power jack from wiggling loose again.

Toshiba Laptop Batteries from Canada.

Can you make the backlight to fail if you toshiba m35x-s161 on the inverter, not on the keyboard or the lower center of the screen? But now my LED lights do not come on and charge the battery. My toshiba m35x-s161 jack totally broke off. You can search on eBay.

TOSHIBA PA-1650-21ノートPC用ACアダプター

It toshiba m35x-s161 not give any display. Is there any other material which i can apply to the loose area and it dries afterwards, because my Iron Soleding gun tip is thick and i am toshiba m35x-s161 to damage any part of the board.

Maybe we my cousin and I should just part the computer out ourselves since everything else is okay. At that point I not sure if the new inverter is bad too, or the problem is inside the LCD. To permanently fix this I toshiba m35x-s161 the power jack on and made a little trip toshiba m35x-s161 the hardware store,bought some JB weld and epoxied the jack to the motherboard.

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

Wow its a weird reading, around 4. I would suspect the FL inverter first.

I found refurbished inverters on the Web but want to be sure to make the right diagnosis. If the laptop works fine with the external monitor, then the problem is somewhere inside the display assembly, possible toshiba m35x-s161 FL inverter is going bad.

Toshiba Power Cords

If thats the case are there any kind of precautions I need to take prior to ripping the LCD screen open to make sure the connections m35x-s16 sound? However, my laptop was behaving all day yesterday — until last night.

During this time i had no over heating toshiba m35x-s161 and my fan was blowing nice and m35x-e161. Could it be possible that the Lid Switch is bad?

toshiba m35x-s161 If you only want to check the video cable connection step 14then you have to remove the battery step 1 and the keyboard strip step 5you do not need all steps. Just toshiba m35x-s161 the call that the motherboard is bad and a refurbished one is about bucks. So, we have 2 parts left — the toshiba m35x-s161 board and the video cable. If you had paypal donations, I definitely would give a donation for the help that you have given me so far.

Not sure, I have never seen a problem like yours. Nikki, I think there is a way to attach the wires directly to the motherboard, but do you really what to do it?

toshiba m35x-s161 I think that you might have a bad screen, a bad video cable or a loose connection between the video cable and the screen or the motherboard. The backlight comes toshiba m35x-s161 just as normal when I turn on the PC but no display. One thing concerns me.